D4C contest experience by YOTA member: YL3JA Kristers
YL3JA Kristers, Guest-op experience with D4C team during  CQ WPX SSB 2019 contest  ...
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D4C is going FlexRadio
D4C is going FlexRadio...
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2019 CQ-WPX SSB participation
D4C 2019 CQ-WPX SSB Team is set...
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About D4C .

Perfect location for extreme contesters

The station is located in Monteverde, Sāo Vicente at 710 m (2300 ft) asl. Outside 8 towers from 45 to 120 feet high are covering the entire area, which also includes a radio shack with 8 operating seats and a small garage that protects a 60kVA power generator.
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Our Media .

Some of the audio and videos taken by various operators of the D4C station.
by YU1AAV D4C@15CW
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Contest Results .

D4C Results from 2007 until now

The station was active in over 50 contests in various categories ranging from Multi Multi to Single Operation.
Contest Results

Rent D4C Station .

Ever thought of running pile-up at D4C?

The station’s geographical location in the middle of Atlantic Ocean combined with altitude of 700 metre Monteverde gives operators truely unique experience of operating. No noise, great near-equatorial propagation and fantastic antennas give even experienced operators a thrill.
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