Contact D4C even with a small HF antenna

Courtesy of RA3DQP
Trap Balcony antenna

Wish to contact Africa with small antenna? Do it now!

UHF: Update on 1296MHz beacon project


As anticipated in our post of 5th of August, we are continuously working in the project to bring to Cape Verde a 23 cm beacon

VHF: D4C/B First 9-month report

D4/B Beacon reception on 144MHz

A short update of the first 9 month of beacon operation after a break

D4Z: CQWW SSB 2015 log uploaded


D4Z: CQWW SSB 2015 log uploaded

D4Z QSL card


Our new D4Z qsl card now on printing process.

CQWW SSB 2015 short report


Callsigns used: D4C (Op.HB9DUR) D4Z (Op. IZ4DPV)

CQWW SSB 2015 log uploaded


Log Upload: CQWW SSB 2015

Hurricane Fred hit D4C Contest station


Between August 30th and September 1st Hurricane Fred hit D4C QTH causing damages to towers and antennas.

CQWW RTTY log uploaded


Log upload: CQWW DX RTTY

D4C Forum: New board over Transatlantic communications


New board opened on the D4C forum for Transatlantic communications on VHF & UP.