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D4C Team for WRTC2014

 29th June 2013, Friedrichshafen (Germany)
The Hamfest 2013 has been a good opportunity to meet WRTC2014 Chairman Doug Grant K1DG.
Doug and his team are working very hardly to promote the New England 2014 event that is  the major event in radiosport.
What better opportunity to shake his hand, congratulars for the work done so far and deliver  our     donation to support the work still to be done.
Two operators of the station D4C will participate as team-leaders to WRTC 2014, and definitely  they will feel a bit like home knowing to have actively contributed to the preparation of the event.
(L to R)
Girts YL2KL, Luca IK2NCJ, Doug K1DG, Andy HB9DUR, Fabio I4UFH
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