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Main Sponsor
Momobeam antennas HF antennas
Supporter & Donors
Hi-Z Antennas 160m 4-square antenna
IZ4UEZ Antenna installation
Messi & Paoloni srl Coaxial cable
4Z5UY Donation
W7KPL Donation
IK2JUB El. Engineering and HW assmbly
HB9CAT Hardware provider
HB9EFK Hardware provider
HB9BCD Hardware provider (Beacons)
YL3DW HF Antenna design
IK2CFR Internet link
Globalqsl QSL
SP5ADX QSL (coolqsl)
IU3AZC Software developer
vesseltracker Sponsor 
PJ4VHF Sponsor & Hardware provider
EA8FF Sponsor & Maintenance engineer of Remote station
Barracuda tour Travel agency to Cape Verde
 N6NB  Donation