D41CV 2m FT8 ready for Transatlantic


Hi everyone,

at D4C there are experiments going on on 2m FT8.
Thanks to Mark EA8FF, D4C station was upgraded in a way that FT8 mode is manageable on remote. We run several hundreds of HF FT8 QSO signing D41CV.
Operators are now attentive to the next days tropo condx to operate the station as per the following information just released:
As there might be tropo across the Atlantic sometimes around next Tuesday onward, D41CV station (located in Cape Verde), WW Locator HK76MU will be attentive to any opening.
Please spread the info if anybody across has FT8 on 2m.
D41CV remote crew will operate on
FT8 144.174 1000Hz.
Power 6 W FT8 GPS locked into a 5 el yagi.

Tnx for attention, the D4C Team

2 responses to “D41CV 2m FT8 ready for Transatlantic
    1. Dear Pino
      Thank you for asking it is already pointing to north Brazil as asked by PY friends for a couple of years and Caribbean direction too as the antenna pattern is not very nartow.
      Vy 73 de HB9DUR

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