VHF: D4C/B Beacons QRV again


As of 19 January 2017, the VHF-UHF D4C/B signals are in the air again apart form the 23cm beacon which is under repair.

The off-line time lasted of a couple of weeks and was due to a major chance in the house mains supply.

We are glad to provide again a reliable signal source from the North Atlantic.

For more info on D4C/B frequencies please consult here


2 responses to “VHF: D4C/B Beacons QRV again
  1. The Hepburn maps are starting to look good again for propagation between D4C and the Caribbean. Will there be anyone at the station during the summer months to possibly make a 2-way QSO? – 73 – NP2X (St. Croix, USVI)

  2. Hi Fred,

    Thank you for your request.
    We are planning a maintenance/upgrade sometimes in June, but not really somebody staying there for an extended period of time.
    Anyway, please keep following us (or email) so that we maximise the opportunity of a QSO.

    73 es Happy Easter.
    Andrea, HB9DUR

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