Finally, after two years, we are back on the mountain, for the CQWW SSB 2021.

In the two years without any contest activity on the site, a lot of changes have taken place. We changed several antennas, switches and amplifiers, but finally we are back!

Piotr SQ9D and Max IZ4DPV traveled to the Monteverde to be active in the CQWW SSB 2021. When they are arrived they had a lot work to do! Like maintaining and setting up the station for the contest. Due to the covid pandemie we decided not to do M/M effort. This time we did 3x SOSB HP entrys.

Piotr SQ9D, Navi, Max IZ4DPV

So we had Max IZ4DPV on 10m as D4F, he did really well! He made 5046 QSO’s and around 2.5 million points claimed!

10m Momobeam 5x5x5 EU, 5×5 NA, 5 ele SA, 5 ele AF

Piotr SQ9D was as D4Z on 15m, he made a great score out of 5252QSO’s and 2,6 million points claimed.

15m Momobeam 4×4 EU, 4×4 US, 4 ele SA, 2 ele AF
15m Station Flex 6600

As special guest Luca IK2NCJ joined us via the internet. He was D4L on 20m and made around 4100 QSO’s and 2.1 million points. He was really limited in the operating, because of the remote connection. On Sunday morning he lost the internet connection for some hours, but anyway he did a big score too!

at the back (left) 20m Momobeam 4×4 EU, 4 ele AF; (center behind 10m tower) 4×4 NA, 4 ele SA

After the contest we can say again: “We are really happy to work with the great Flexradio’s and the outstanding performing Momobeam Antennas!”

Big thanks for all who made those activations possible! Special thanks to Navi, for his big help to setup all the new antennas! Also so a big thanks to our chief technician Mark EA8FF, who fixes everything with a lot of knowledge in the past years.

Thanks to our guest LB1LF, he did exellent work for us before the contest and stayed with us durig the contest.

L-R: Piotr SQ9D, Odd LB1LF, Navi, Max IZ4DPV

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