Wants to join D4C for CQ WW SSB?


The Monteverde Contest Club announces the availability for contest operators, to join the D4C crew as Guest-Operator for the forthcoming CQ WW Contest SSB October 27 – 28, 2018 at our contest Station D4C on top of the Monteverde mountain on Sao Vicente Island, Cape Verde.

We plan to enter into a multi-operator category (M/x) and there will be one or two chairs available.

We perfectly know that this announcement is coming in extremely late but mainly due to logistical-related issues, our participation was in danger therefore, we weren’t able to decide anything, thus opening any position.

Kindly check you flight connections (airport code is VXE) before sending any requested to: info@d4c.cc

73, de Monteverde contest team D4C/D4Z/D41CV

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