VHF: 2m Solid state Amplifier for D4C/B


How wonderful is our HAM radio community !
PJ4VHF Dave, after having received successfully the D4C/B signals in the Carribean on May 6, 2015 (youtube video), has generously engineered and manufactured a 2m Solid State 2m Amplifier to increase signal strength at the Cape Verde 144.436 MHz D4C/B beacon.

The amplifier weighs about 25kg as packed and has already passed several hands form Bonaire to Switzerland, where it is stored since today.

Here a short summary: PJ4VHF Dave to a non-HAM Dirk -> PA4VHF Dirk-> – DK5ON Andreas (DF0MU) -> DK3EE Tom (DK0VHF) -> HB9DUR  Andrea

Several xxx-VHF guys were involved in this handover around the world.

So, now the first 5000km are one.  The Amplifier still need to travel another 5000km to reach Cape Verde.

We would like to thanks all the people that helped so far and for the generosity of Dave PJ4VHF that has been added to our Sponsors and supporter page


With the help of many, D4C could provide much more interesting things form the middle of the Ocean.

Should you wish to cooperate or to give your contribution, please contact us at info@d4c.cc

73! Monteverde Contest Team

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