D4C is going FlexRadio


Running a contest station in the middle of Atlantic barely limits our activity to the contest weekends. We are happy when we could finally sit in front of a radio and dive into magical world that the headphones reveal to you at the top of Monteverde like today at CQ WPX SSB. But there is always long and bumpy road that leads through buying, building, tuning, maintaining… and improving things, before radio signals are being heard at contest.


It is, however, our utmost priority for D4C to provide what José CT1BOH nicely put after CQ WW CW 2018 @ D4C: “I was operating in so many different stations, but this is the first time and only time that felt like the station is bigger than the operator.” Therefore, we are always seeking cutting-edge technologies that could support us in the harsh environment we are in. We have been testing and evaluating modern radios (including Flex) for over two years and now we are happy to announce that we have chosen FlexRadio as our primary radio platform. D4C station is moving to FlexRadio as their SDR not only performs very well, but also opens for us new possibilities of contesting.


Marco IK2LFF enjoys Flex 6500 + Maestro


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