UHF: Update on 1296MHz beacon project


As anticipated in our post of 5th of August, we are continuously working in the project to bring to Cape Verde a 23 cm beacon on 1296.836 MHz that will join our .x36 beacon frequencies family.

HB9BCD Carlo’s current constructions is in the attached picture and consists in:

Oscillator-multiplier at 1296
The 108 MHz Oscillator is build in a cubic box. The quartz is maintained at a constant temperature of 60°C
The multiplier section is built in the two coppoer boxes. At this stage Pout is 200mW
Unwanted frequencies at -70dB

PA unit
Trials with a micro ldmos PTF4001 as amplifier give approx. 14dD of gain each module and a Pout max. between  15W to 20W.

We plan to use 3 pcs in order to obtain  2 separate outputs at 20W each .


2x yagi 16el I0JXX kindly donated by HB9EFK Nick Steinbrücker are available. The have 14.46 dBd of gain each one



Question is, a part pointing one antenna to EUROPE, who could be interested to copy the D4C/B on 23cm?

In Brasil almost no stations are QRV on 23cm. We accept suggestions were to point the second antenna to investigate if it necessaries at all. Otherwise we will put full power to Europe.

Initial ideas was to have 2 different directional antennas, one to Europe and the second to Caribbean area.

For the support on this new project we must thank  HB9BCD Carlo Molteni and  HB9EFK Nick Steinbrücker for the antennas, cables and power divider donation.

06 December 2015 UPDATE

6 responses to “UHF: Update on 1296MHz beacon project
    1. Excellent Skip,

      Thank you for the information.

      Your QTH could be very good as you have free take off over Ocean towards D4.
      We will keep the coomunity informed on our development about 23cm beacon.
      Keep in touch!

      73 Andrea

  1. It looks like we found the right partner for future trials:

    Therefore, D4C/B on UHF may have the following configuration:

    1X9el yagi to EUROPE
    1X9el to Caribbean as PJ4VHF Dave has a single 9WL yagi. That may be increased to 8 x 16 fixed to D4C
    Output Power TBD

    PS7MW Christian has a single antenna and later on we may put a 3rd direction too. Christian will enjoy from March 2016 onward a dedicated antenna on 2m for the D4C-PY7 trial. So let’s enjoy the 2m contact first!

    1X16el yagi to EUROPE
    1X16el yagi to Caribbean as PJ4VHF will get a yagi in January by W0LD
    Output Power 20W on each direction.-Antennas could be extended to a stack of 2x16el on each direction.

    Discussions with stations in N-E Brazil in the 7th area, have given a result that nobody is yet ready on 23cm from this part of the world.

    Stay tuned for more updates

  2. Till now I do not have setup for 23cm, but, your idea for direction to Europe is very good.
    Hope in future I will be on air also on 23 cm.
    Best luck with your project.
    73 de 9A9Y and 9A3INA

  3. I would like to know about 23cm beacons which are active around the island of Malta JM75FV.
    Well am qrv on 1296.200, ant. Parabolic 2.4M Pwr. 80watts SSB.

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