Happy new Year


Year 2018 brought us lot of joy and work both on site and back home in EU as every single year since the beginning of D4C project in 2007. A quick summary:
-15m towers were rebuilt and two new stacked antennas were installed to EU and NA thanks to #momobeam and #remoteqth hardware
– A new 160m vertical again from #momobeam was erected in place of the existing tower that became to end of life due to corrosion between segments.


Contest HF:
– CQWW SSB We enjoyed a successful join operation with the main actors of PX2A and we enhanced our friendship.
– CQWW CW. A dream came true on both side. For CT1BOH José being able to operate from D4C signing D41CV was life-dream coming true and for ourselves the fact to have such a great operator piloting D4C station was a great honor. As José stated, this is the first time he experience the station is stronger that the operator.
The IARU R1 Tropscatter record on 2m band was broken more than twice this year signing D41CV and D4Z.  This effort was carried our on site by Mark EA8FF and a second time via remote with the very system designed and put in service by Mark itself.


The spirit of the team was boosted by the arrival of new two members IK2LFF and EA8FF  whose brought respectivelt lots of energy and technique


But on top of everything we have to thank all of YOU that, contacting us during the contests, motivate us to find new ideas to improve!
CU in contest and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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