VHF: The season has started: 2m beacon heard in Ireland by EI3KD


As we were monitoring all weekend the efforts of V51PJ and PY1MHZ to try to establish a QSO between South America and Africa on 144 Mhz, , we just received on our FB page the following message from Mark EI3 KD:


I’m hearing the D4C beacon via tropo on 2m this evening, peaking 539. That’s the third time rx’d here – one day we’ll get a qso.  Unfortunately nothing heard on 70cm, and no rx here for 23cm. I can’t check 6m to see if the tropo extends down that far because it’s too stormy to turn that tower, the wx in Ireland is terrible!.

73, Mark EI3KD IO51vw

We are glad to see that our beacons are giving a reference signal for serious monitoring. We really hope to be able to run a bilateral QSO soon.

Thank you Mark for monitoring our beacons and informing the community in a timely manner. We really hope for a bilateral QSO soon. Congratulations for you reception!

73, Monteverde Contest Club
You call, We answer

see DX Summit

D4-EI path on 31 JAN -01FEB 2016


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