Beacons D4C/B Temporarily QRT and house Roof rebuild


We are sorry not to be able to provide a source of signal to the fellows enthusiast of VHF&up Transatlantic communications.
Due to a very urgent major Overhaul to the D4C House’s Roof, the D4C Contest station is temporarily out of service.
This is also the main reason why D4C was not on the air during the recent CQWPX CW.Due to the extreme weather conditions present at D4C mountaintop location, the ageing of the infrastructure lead to a major damage and the roof needs to be rebuild. As consequence, the whole shack is being now disassembled and secured under the supervision of IZ4DPV Massimo.


Repair activities are planned to end sometimes at the end of summer and to be again fit and to produce a loud (and dry) signal during CQWW SSB

Any financial support to this unexpected situation is highly appreciated.
Our paypal link is

All donations will be mentioned on our Sponsor and Supporters page


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